Sevgi Arı

She was born in 1981, Mersin. In 1999, she started graphic design education (BA) at Mersin University Faculty of Fine Arts. Between 2003-2007 she studied for master of fine arts at Mersin University and finished it with her thesis named: “Identity Design of a Periodical Whose Content Is Determined by a Different Letter of the Alphabet”. She actualized this thesis with three issues under the name of “Periodical Art Project”. Between 2004-2009 she gave lectures on graphic design and typography at Cukurova University Faculty Of Fine Arts Education. In 2009 she started to study for Proficiency in Art at Anadolu University as a research assistant. During 2012 she concentrated on printmaking at Academy of Arts & Design in Wroclaw, Poland.
In her graphic design career, she has been participating in many lectures, workshops, poster competitions and group exhibitions both in the academic & non-academic fields. In addition to graphic design she is interested in music and literature as a musician and a composer. She believes the power of connections between science, spirituality, art and design. While she is currently coming to the end of her PhD thesis she regards as herself a “life-long learner”.

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