Savaş Çevik

He was born in 1953 in Akseki. He studied Graphic Arts in Istanbul State Art Academy, and obtained his Masters Degree in 1976. He started teaching in the same department as an assistant to Prof. Dr. Emin Barın. In 1983 he completed his doctorate study on Latin writing. In 1974 he started practicing calligraphy with Hafız Kemal Batanay in R’ika an Talik styles. One year later, in 1975 he also started working with Hamit Aytaç and continued to work with both the calligraphists till their deaths. Later on he started practicing Divani and Celi Divani styles with Prof. Ali Alpaslan. His knowledge and experience increased with the help of Prof. Uğur Derman and his tutor Prof. Emin Barın. He has had 23 personal exhibitions in and out of Turkey and has also taken part in 113 general exhibitions. He has works in different collections. He has been awarded many prizes in Calligraphy and Graphic arts. In 1986 he took the first place in Telik and Celi Talik styles and two mentions in Celi sülüs and other styles, in the “Hamit Aytaç Calligraphy Competition”, organized by IRCICA. He also has works in Latin Calligraphy, and besides commercial works he has written many certificates and presents that were given to Turkish and foreign statesmen. He has given many calligraphy courses, written many articles and reports, taken part in conferences, TV and Radio programs and evaluation committees. He still lives in Istanbul and continues his calligraphy work.

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