Sait Yada

He was born in Istanbul in 1912. His father was Abdülkadir Saynaç, and he was a calligrapher. 1931 Istanbul Teachers’ School (Muallim Mektebi). 1935 Ankara Gazi Education Institute. 1941 Leipzig Akademie für Graphische Künste und Buchgeverbe. 1942-1947 Chief in Marif Matbaası. 1947-1948 Ministry of Education Publication Technical Bureau Chief. 1947-1952 Gazi Education Institute Graphic, Writing and Work Pedagogy Teacher. 1956-1962 Chief and teacher at the Applied Fine Arts High School. He passed away in 1968 when he was Head of the Graphic Department at the Applied Fine Arts School.
He was a member of the Pedagogical Society. He liked swimming and equestrian sports. He was interested in philosophy and art.
Sait Yada Works:
1945 Creative Work. 1947 Culture and Education Writing Art. 1950 How to write and teach writing.
He also designed many brochures, school boards. He wrote articles on teaching and pedagogy.

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