Pınar Doğu

She was born in 1965 in İstanbul. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts Traditional Turkish Arts in 1986 and attended as research assistant at the same department. She received her M.F.A. in 1988 from institute of social sciences on calligraphy. She received her proficiency in Arts in 1996 from Institute of Social Sciences on calligraphy. She was appointed as assistant professor at the Department of calligraphy. She still continues to serve as the head of this department since then. She continues her artistic career by producing works of calligraphy, art and traditional ornamentation. Her several works have been found at special
Selected Exhibitions: 1998-99, 15 December-16 January, 5th Contemporary Calligraphy and Ornamentation, Artemis Art Gallery, İstanbul. 1999, “Celebrations of Proclamation of Ottoman Empire” Uludağ University, Bursa. 1999, 18 March-16 April, “Representatives of a Tradition”, Mimar Sinan University, FFA Lecturer’s Exhibition, M.S.Ü. Tophane-i Amire Binası, İstanbul. 2004, May, “Traditional Turkish Calligraphy Exhibition”, Yıldız Palace-Silahhane, İstanbul. 2004, Group Exhibition of Students and Lecturers of FFA organized by Eminönü Rotaract Club at Yıldız Sarayı Silahhane and Gallery Efsun, İstanbul. 2007, National Academy of Art Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2007 Traditional Art Exhibition, İstanbul Modern Arts Gallery, İstanbul. 2009-2010, 15 December-15 January, “Trans-Form in Art Education” Exhibitions, M.S.G.S.Ü Mimar Sinan Salonu, İstanbul. 2010, 25 March-17 April, Traditional Turkish Arts Department Lecturers Exhibition, Karşı Art Works Exhibition Hall, İstanbul.

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