Petra Beisse

Petra Beisse was born in 1963 in Gronau/Leine (Germany) and moved to Wiesbaden in 2000, where she now lives and works.
After finishing her training as a landscape designer, she studied Visual Communication specializing in Calligraphy as a major subject at the University of Applied Science and Art (HAWK) in Hildesheim,
under Professor Gottfried Pott.
During her studies she discovered a passion for handwritten media and their application in graphics design, employing both the reductional features
and graphic qualities of writing as a medium for “calligraphic illustration” and “emotional design elements”. Her artistic work reflects this symbiosis.
Following her graphic design training, she held a four-year position as Art Director in a wellestablished advertising agency. Since 1995, Petra Beisse has worked as a freelance calligrapher, graphics designer and teacher.
Her clients include advertising and publishing agencies, and companies from numerous sectors. She also exhibits her works, holds lectures and
presentations, and organizes calligraphy workshops. She has published extensively in journals and books. Numerous projects based on her calligraphic “handwriting” style have received national and international awards.

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