Okay Karadayılar

Graphic Designer Okay Karadayılar (Bursa, 1983), works primarily with cultural institutions such as Arter, İKSV, SALT, Lars Müller Publications, Sharjah Biennial, Altyazı Monthly Cinema Magazine, Şanal Arc, Ara Güler Museum and Kaplumbaa Books. He is a co-founder of İmkan Mekan (2007-2011), a civil initiative that hoped to improve public spaces with small interventions; and Bandrolsüz (bandrolsuz.org), a collective of publishers that distribute artist books. Karadayılar, along with Kerimcan Güleryüz and Frederic Lezmi realized Book Lab (thebooklab.org), a project that helps artist who use different media to produce book works through an intense workshop. Among his latest projects one can note YAY-POP (yay-pop.onagore.com), produced together with Ali Taptık and Merve Ünsal: a single issue magazine, ‘Publication on Publishing’ was published with help from the Istanbul Design Biennial. Also, his company Onagöre designed the visual identity for the 16th Istanbul Biennial in 2019. Karadayılar along with his partner, artist and architectural historian Ali Taptık, make up Onagöre which continues to design and publish in İstanbul. (onagore.com)

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