Li Yuchun

Li Yuchun, born in March 1957 in Wuchang, Harbin Province. Graduated from Harbin University Fine Arts Faculty. He is now an Associate Professor at Changzhou Institute of Technology Fine Arts Faculty, a painter and visiting scholar of China National Academy Lu Yushun Studio, Art Consultant of China Charity Federation, Council Member of National Painting Artists Association, Honorary Chairman of Harbin Wuchang City Artists Association, Director of Landscape Painting Department in Jiangnan Chinese Painting Academy, Tutor of Chinese Art Report Jinghua Fine Arts Gallery and Professor of Hebei Province Artist Academy for Senior level Class. Li Yuchun has more than 40 years of painting and calligraphy teaching experience, more than 1000 pieces of work, attended national and international exhibitions. Li Yuchun has written 8 books, published 26 Academic thesis.

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