Hüseyin Eryılmaz

Hüseyin ERYILMAZ was born in 1964 in Eskişehir. In 1984, he took a step to the professional life. In the same year, he was rewarded as a “journalist of the year” in the field of photography. In 1985, he started journalism education in the Faculty of Communication Sciences in Anadolu University and graduated at 1990. He has been in Sipa Press in Paris which is accepted as the important centre of photojournalism, so he was acknowledged about international news agency environment in 1990. He worked in Turkic-speaking people documentary that was in Central Asia countries as photographer. He prepared exhibition which was called “Once upon a time in Central Asia” with Ergun Çağatay and he made organizations for exhibition in Uzbekistan/Tashkent and Kazakhstan/Almaty.
He completed his Ph.D. with his thesis “News Photography and Manipulation.” He took photographs for Eskişehir in the 75th year of Republic. He prepared documentary called “Cumalıkızık: A Foundation Village from the Ottoman Period” for the governorship of Bursa. He took introducing photographs of the city for the governorships of Kütahya. He opened three different solo photography exhibitions, and one of them was in Nairobi in Kenya. Giving photography courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts and in the Faculty of Communication Sciences of Anadolu University, Eryılmaz is still working on documentary photography projects.

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