Etem Çalışkan

He was born in Göçük village in Tarsus in 1928. He has finished his primary school in the same village and college educations in Tarsus. He has completed his art education in İstanbul Owl Nest Fine Arts Academy between 1952-1956. He has worked as an assistant of his beloved master Emin Barın at the inscribing works at Anıtkabir in 1953. He worked at Yeni Sabah Newspaper during his student life and he his holding the diploma of honors in press.
He has a special friendship with Ali Toy who is a traditional calligrapher. They continue to work on traditional and contemporary calligraphy. He has exhibitions on Mevlâna and Yunus Emre in Eskişehir Art Gallery and Kadir Has University Art Gallery. His several works including Turkish Statesmen Portraits, 16 Turkish States Stamp Design, Turkish hand lettering of Koran, Hand lettered Yunus Emre Book and lastly Gazi Mustafa Kemal’s hand-lettered books are published by several newspapers and ministries.

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