Erman Yılmaz

Erman Yılmaz is a İstanbul based Turkish graphic designer who was born in 1985, Mersin. The designer has started to work as a freelance since 2010 and since June of 2016 has started to make designs for the Alan İstanbul Contemporary Art Gallery.
The designer was interested in letterforms since childhood and met with graffiti art in 1998. In addition to his interest, in the middle of his 20s, he received calligraphy lessons from famous calligraphy artist Etem Çalışkan and directed his vision in lettering studies. To advance his education, he started to study graphic design at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in 2011, after studying engineering at Mustafa Kemal University between 2004-2009 and leaving the business education he got at Anadolu University between 2009-2011 and began to show interest in visual communication, typography and typeface design after his education.
The designer is still working in İstanbul and mostly produces works for the cultural/social sector.

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