Erkan Tenekeci

He was born in Izmir in 1977. His interest to drawing in his early age turned into lettering in time. The unique pane of islamic calligraphy is a legacy to him from his grandfather conduced him to start his lettering life. The following years the more he was interested in lettering, the more he made research by himself. He is a member of NOKTA which is the first calligraphy group in Turkey. One of the greatest dreams of this artist, becoming professional in this art without a master, is to teach this writing art to his lovely daughter and hope to see her as
a worldwide artist. He still keeps on tutoring classes in Bornova Art Studios. He is married with a daughter.
Exhibitions He Attended: Pearls of Rumi (2011) İzmir • From Mouth to Heart Yunus Emre (2012) Eskişehir • Our Yunus (2013) Eskişehir • Kaligrafist (2017) İstanbul

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