Erhan Olcay

Born in 1979 in Eskişehir, Erhan Olcay completed his undergraduate education at Uludağ University and Anadolu University. Due to his interest in writing culture, he took courses on Arabic and Latin calligraphy. He received a diploma from The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society (CLAS), which is an international UK based calligraphy community. He received training from the world’s leading calligraphers such as Ewan Clayton, Denis Brown, Yves Leterme and Massimo Polello. In 2016, he brought into action the “International Writing Culture Event: Kaligrafist” to promote the culture of ‘’correct’’ Latin Calligraphy in Turkey. Since 2017, he has been the director of the Kaligrafist event which organizes international conferences, exhibitions and workshops.
The artist has participated in many international exhibitions and taught many workshops in Turkey and abroad. The artwork he prepared for The Design of Words exhibition in Milan design week, was selected as the most successful work in the field of calligraphy and applied as a book cover. One of his artworks called Doku, was selected for the permanent collection of The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow.
Erhan Olcay is currently teaching calligraphy at various institutions, writes articles about writing culture and prepares the Calligraphy Education page for Mürekkepbalığı magazine. In addition to his calligraphy works, he also designs book and album covers.

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