Emrah Yücel

Emrah Yücel was born in 1981 in Bartın. He adapt himself to be citizenship with Emin Barın who is imitated on art life by him and he believes that he stands for Emin Barın’s ecole today. He graduated from Anadolu University. He is a graduate student at Haliç University, Department of Graphic Design. His master thesis is based on ‘’Functionality of Angles Scripts’’. He is also working with Etem Çalışkan who is a well known calligraphy master of Turkey. He is awarded with a calligraphy diploma by CLAS ( The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society ) and is a member of The Internaional Association of Master Penman Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting. As a career goal, he would like to teach calligraphy to his five years old daughter but she refused him at every turn saying that she is already good in handwriting. He is still working as a writing painter on paper and pen.

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