Elinor Aishah Holland

Her passion and enthusiasm for calligraphy was sparked during a visit to Istanbul as a teenager. Although the Arabic script attracted her she pursued Latin script through programs at The Cooper Union, NY Society of scribes and at various conferences in North America developing her hand in Uncial, Blackletter, Italic, Copperplate and many other styles.
Eventually, her continued interest in Islamic calligraphy led her to internationally renowned American master scribe Mohamed Zakariya. Under his tutelage Holland ultimately became the first woman in North America to receive an ijazet or traditional in Ottoman-style Naksh and Thuluth, two of the six classical Arabic script forms. Clients include the Smithsonian Institute, The NY Public Library, NY Society of Scribes, Long Island University, Zaytuna College, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the US Department of State. She has exhibited internationally.

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