Ceyda Artun

Ceyda Artun was born in Ankara. She went to Büyük College for primary and high school. Her teachers, who realized she was taking her notes in the forms of caricatures and never letting go of her colorful pens, put the idea of fine arts to her mind. Since she loved the nature and animations so much, her dream was to make documentaries and cartoons. In order to follow that dream she started her BA education at Bilkent Universities’ Communication and Design department. After her four years there she realized even though she can make videos she didn’t know how to handle color, typography and shapes that well, so she started her MFA at Anadolu Universities’ Graphic Design department. During her studies there she focused mostly on environmental graphic design, illustration and printmaking. She worked on the renovation of fine arts faculty canteen, and this project was given merit award from SEGD’s Global design award at 2013. She studied graphic design and editorial projects at Porto University as an Erasmus Student. She is working on her thesis about “Technological Developments Effect on Graphic Design.” Since 2013 she is working at Anadolu Universities’ graphic design department as a research assistant.

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