Can Dağlı

Can Dağlı is a self-employed artwork artist, illustrator, craftsman brand identity and packaging designer based in İstanbul, Turkey. Since setting up his own design business in early 2014, he has shifted her focus to handmade design and branding.
He continues his work with some of the venues, music bands, restaurants and business in Turkey as an art director, illustrator and design strategist.
He has self-motivated soul who loves ideas, listening music, explore nature, photography, raw materials, naturel colors, letter types, sign painting, retro design, collectibles, heritage culture and working in a team of creative people.
He is also member of Krüw Artist Collective in Turkey and Owner of Flama Artworks.
He worked with Nike, Coca-Cola, Sony, Crate & Barrel, Diageo, Babylon, Red Bull, Vespa, Iksv, Pozitif Group, Ay Marka, Petra Roasting Co., Beymen, Hendricks Gin, Jack Daniels, Tuborg, Yeme İçme İşleri, Hub Food, Mudo Fts64, Boyner, Mey Group, Brown Forman and many more.
Design and Advertising Agencies; Vietnam, Rafineri, Happy People Project, Alametifarika and Serdesin.
Awards; GMK (Graphic Designers Profession Institution), Kristal Elma (Crystal Apple), Hürriyet Kırmızı, Effie Awards, Epica and Eurobest.

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