Bünyamin Kınacı

Bünyamin Kınacı was born in Niğde on 1982 and graduated from the department of Ceramic and Turkish Tile at Kütahya Dumlupınar University on 2008. He then continued his arts in the of ceramic artist Mehmet Koçer and İsmail Yiğit for two years.Bünyamin Kınacı has started his interest in calligraphy art when he was in high school. Then this arts became his dreams and ambitions. After gaining the theoritical and practical education in the university life, he decided to combine ceramic and calligraphy arts.
He has experienced in latin calligraphy with Çetin Öztürk, Murat Ünver, Ethem Çalışkan, Savaş Çevik and in Arabic calligraphy with Fuat Başer who is masterpen and Gürkan Pehlivan. Today, he is teaching Calligraphy art in Bağlarbaşı Turkish Islam Specialty Center and school in Istanbul and he continues his special calligraphy works in his own studio.

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