Ali Toy

Born in Tavşanlı (Kütahya) in 1960, graduated from Tavşanlı Tunçbilek Lycee, Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Technical University and earned his M.A. from Yıldız University, Department of Planning and Restoration. Received his icazet (certificate of calligraphy) from late Prof. Dr. Ali Alparslan. Eligible to write taliq, divani and riqa scripts. Participated in various national and international exhibitions. Organized 28 individual exhibitions. Received 6 awards in four international competitions organized by Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA). Continues to practice his calligraphic works in Istanbul. He is well known especially for his works in classical and modern calligraphy which reflect his expertise as an architect. Mr. Toy uses basic geometrical lines and forms in his modern works.

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