Erhan Olcay

Erhan Olcay was born in 1979. He graduated from Uludag University, Industrial Electronic Department in 2000. He entered in calligraphy world by studying Rik’a and Diwani writings together with Archive Specialist-Arabic Calligrapher Rümeysa Odabaş. Then, he started and still taking calligraphy lessons from Calligrapher Savaş Çevik who is a well known master in Arabic and Latin Calligraphy. He is also in touch with another calligraphy master Etem Çalışkan. As a member of CLAS (The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society), he also have a Diploma from this international calligraphy society. Apart from Arabic and Latin Calligraphy, he is also interested in logotype design and traditional paper dyeing. Since 2013, he is giving Calligraphy lessons at İSMEK Üsküdar Turkish Islamic Arts Center and he is writing about Calligraphy in a magazine called Mürekkepbalığı. He is living in İstanbul and, as a follower of Emin Barın ecole, repeats that ‘’I am resting while writing’’.