Elinor Aishah Holland

Elinor Aishah Holland’s calligraphic compositions pioneer a hybrid space between the Arabic script’s outstretched horizontal arms and the Latin script’s flourished reach for the sky.
Seeing Arabic script in Istanbul as a teenager drew her into that land of letters. Holland is one of only four North Americans to receive the Icazet in the rigorous Ottoman School in Thuluth and Nashk scripts. Holland is also at home with the Latin alphabet, having studied through the NY Society of Scribes for since 1988. She is the only calligrapher among her contemporaries to practice with equal discipline in both the Arabic and Latin scripts.
Holland is a long time teacher for the New York Society of Scribes. She has taught and exhibited extensively across North America. Clients include the Smithsonian Institute, US Department of State, The Metropolitan Museum.
She has exhibited at King Fahd Qur’an Conference, Sharjah and Kuwait Biennials, New York Islamic Arts Kadim Sanatin.