Dilek Erdoğan Aydın

In 2002, she graduated from the Fine Arts High School of Eskişehir where her arts education began. She graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department in 2008 and she began working as a specialist in the same department in 2010. During her study, the card design of her team was awarded to be printed at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2008. Same year, she attended “Organic Typography: Graphic Design Department of Anadolu University and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Graphic Department- Student Works Exhibition” under the 12. Grafist. In 2011, she attended the “Current Times” Exhibition at the Pera Museum. She took place in master project called “Fake Arts Museum” and the project was given merit award from SEGD’s Global design award at 2013. She received her MFA in 2015 from the Graphic Design Department, Faculty of Fine Arts at Anadolu University. She completed her her thesis “Historical Development of Book and e-Book Design and Investigation via Graphic Design Principles”. Still she is working on her education and working as a specialist in Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts.