Çiğdem Demir

1975, Ankara. Cigdem Demir was born in Ankara-Turkey in 1975. She was graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts – Graphic Design Department, Hacettepe University in 1998. Finished Master of Arts and Phd in Graphic Design Department – Social Sciences Institute of Hacettepe University. Studied in Department of Multimedia, Faculty of Fine Arts at Brera University in Milan, Italy with a schoolarship of Italian Government. She is the chair of Gazi Univ. FAF, Visual Comm. Design Dept since 2012. Prof. in 2017. Her latest illustration art work was selected and publish in the book of Luzer’s ARCHIVE “200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2014”. Demir also has 6 awards in Graphic Design, has 15 solo exhibitions, participated in over 51 mixed national and international exhibitions.